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    Bionordic offers a worldwide consultation with our therapists.
    Licensed therapist provides professional therapy in your home.

    The most effective treatment!
    If this consultation does not help you, you will hardly find any help in the alternative world.

    What to expect from your consultation:

    • General evaluation and considerations about your condition.
    (Here we will try to analyze your condition. We are using iris-diagnosis, face/body diagnosis, spenglersan colloid test, healing and Reflexology).

    • Diet and nutritional planning. Our nutritionist completes an evaluation of your over-all diet and tells you what foods are bad for you and what foods can be good for you.

    • Different therapy-sessions each day.

    • Nutritional supplements - Exact recommendations for a 12-week period. Each recommendation is based on a client's individual needs and goals.

    • Homeopathic remedies to help. We analyze your problem and provide you with a number of homeopathic remedies most likely to help.

    • Herbal supplements. Different herbal products.

    All alternative medicine, supplements and herbs are included in the total price (Products for a 12 week-period).

    The duration of our therapy is your decision (minimum 1 week!).
    Price: This therapy is expensive! (contact bionordic for information)

    Therapy sessions (example):

    Daily treatment:

    • Reflexology.
    • Acupuncture.
    • Healing.
    • Auriculotherapy – Ear-acupuncture.
    • Isopahic therapy.

    Three are 2 treatment sessions every day!

    Supplements: Vitamins, minerals, homeopathic medicine, tissue salts, herbs, and herbal products (included)

    Other treatment 3-4 times pr. week:

    • Massage.
    • Injection with homeopathic medicine.

    If you are interested in further information (prices, available dates, more information about our consultations) please contact us!

    When you contact us. Please tell us about your situation/disease.
    We send you back a suggestion to the therapy that we will provide to you (An exact explication of what you can expect from your consultation).
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Bionordic skal oplyse, at virkninger af råd og behandlingsformer, relateret til specifikke lidelser, ikke er dokumenteret. De oplysninger som findes her på siden har til formål at skabe velvære. De er ikke tænkt som erstatning af lægeordineret medicin og behandling. Anvendelse af oplysninger på siden bør ske i samråd med læge. Bionordic kan på ingen måde drages til ansvar for brugen af de oplysninger som findes her på siden.

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